Things I am grateful for:

  1. Quiet mornings
  2. Pumpkin Spice Tea
  3. Functional Heaters

Last weeks goal:

Develop a mission statement for my life

This weeks goal:

Figure out who the best and happiest version of myself is 

I realized that my mission statement–while admirable– is pretty freaking vague. I’m sure if you asked a million different people who the best versions of themselves are, you would get a million different answers…or a million blank stares because really, who has time to think about that stuff?

The problem with vague goals is that they often lead to vague interventions which end up with vague or (more often than not) no results.

I’m not saying this as a person in the middle of a self-improvement practice. I am saying this as a nurse who has to write out goals and plans and assessments all the time for patients, staff and policies. When I was in school, we would be given a case study before lecture even started–from what our case presented, we would then have to write 3 care plans with clear and concise (1)assessments of the problem (2) identification of the problem(3)SMART goals (3)interventions (4) a plan for how to assess progress.

I have seen this pattern in every single self-improvement book that I have read. Because it works– a person cannot work towards a goal if they don’t know what that goal is or how to even identify if they have reached it.

But just because I know better doesn’t mean that I always do better.

And just because I know that improvement plans work–doesn’t mean that I will necessarily do one for myself enthusiastically.

But it works.

And I know it works.

And let’s face it “best and happiest version of myself” is a pretty broad and ambitious statement.

So I’m taking a page from this blog post on a level 10 life.

(Ha! See what I did there? Get it? Coz it’s a blog about journals!)

And I’m going to assess my satisfaction in life based on 10 different categories:

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Personal Development
  3. Spirituality
  4. Finances (eek.)
  5. Career
  6. Marriage
  7. Fun & Recreation
  8. Giving and Contribution
  9. Physical Environment
  10. Health and Fitness

This way, I can develop goals based on my current assessment of satisfaction in those areas and seek to improve Specific and Measurable ways. I’ve decided as well–rather that going for the whole she-bang of trying reach level 10….eventually. I can reassess and readjust goals as needed every 3 months so it’s more Attainable and Time based as well as decide whether or not it’s Relevant to my life at that time.

See what I did there?

Smart ain’t it!?

Oh lord, I’m full of them today!


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